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Over the years, competing assertions have been made that the rain drum
originated in China, India, Thailand, or Vietnam. It would appear that interpretations
of the significance of archeological discoveries have often been influenced
by national pride. The rain drum is now believed by most independent scholars
to have originated in northern Vietnam in the fifth century BC. Some have asserted
an origin dating back to 2500 B.C., although scientific evidence to support
this claim is preliminary. The best conclusion is that bronze casting began
in Southeast Asia (most likely in Vietnam and Thailand)
and was later borrowed by the Chinese and other cultures.
In truth, the entire region can be proud of the accomplishments
of the Dongson culture for these people occupied an area that
encompasses parts of present-day Vietnam, Thailand,
and South China. (Click for details.) During the Dongson era in
which Vietnam came to develop a strong national identity,
the tribes of north Vietnam constructed drums (now often referred
to as "Dongson drums") out of bronze using lost-wax casting methods.
Over the years many drums dating back to antiquity have been
found in this region. New drums are being discovered to this very day.

The original drums were used by the Dongson culture in ritual
ceremonies. Many have been uncovered from ancient burial
grounds,suggesting an important role in funeral rituals. Indeed,
some of the drums uncovered were used as urns to hold
the cremated remains of presumably important members
of the Dongson culture. The drums were also used to
call soldiers to war.
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